American’s #1 Fear is Their Own Corrupt Government

A 2017 survey of what American’s fear most is very eye-opening. Almost three-quarters of them chose “corrupt government officials” as something they fear.¬† Fear of corrupt government officials was higher than¬†anything else on the list, including ISIS, health care, and running out of money!

If the #1 fear Americans have is corrupt government officials, then what are the odds that the political clubs that vet and sponsor these officials, and here I refer to the two establishment DC-based parties, are not corrupt? A lot of decent people have been betrayed into lending their good names to a corrupt brand. Their friends and neighbors are literally in widespread fear of the actions of officials sponsored by those brands.

chart from statista

Now I know that every two years each of those brands whips their partisans into a frenzy about how terrible it will be if the other side wins the next election. So on election day many people feel scared into voting for one of those brands even if they have misgivings about most of the offerings of the brand that they mistakenly think represents them. I understand that, but its between elections now, and its time to do something so that you are not caught in that same awful choice every single election cycle for your entire life.

Here is a link to a petition which will let Neighbors of Arkansas name candidates to the ballot for ONE election cycle. We don’t plan to run anyone for Governor, our focus will be on state legislative offices where there is usually only one major party on the ballot anyway, and local offices which have run-offs, so fear of “splitting the vote” is no excuse for inaction. If you are tired of being betrayed and would rather giver them something to fear than fearing them, then print just one petition off, you sign it, get nine other Arkansas voters to sign it, and mail it in.

Is it a little bit of trouble? A little bit, but nothing really compared to the sacrifices our forefathers made in order to give us a country where we can change our rulers if we want to act. It is clear both parties are corrupt, so its time for patriots to act. If we all do a little, it will add up to a lot. Return to self-government – Print the petition, sign the petition, mail in the petition!

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