Days-Old Firm Wins State Grant Based on Zero Expertise

It now turns out that a firm connected to Randall Shelton received state grants only days after it was incorporated. Shelton has been linked to the scandal surrounding grant kickbacks to legislators.

We have seen the tip of the corruption iceberg, but there are hints and whispers that the great mass of trouble is still hidden in the deep. By the time most of it comes out, if it comes out, many of you are going to wish that you had someone to vote for other than politicians connected hip-deep to a terminally corrupt DC-based political crime club.

You don’t have to wind up in the same position you have been in so many times before. You can do a small thing right now to help make it better. Go to this link and print off a petition to give Neighbors of Arkansas ballot access. Then sign it and get eight or nine others to do so and mail it back. That’s it. Not super-easy maybe but compared to the Founding Fathers who gave their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor to give us a Republic its not too much to ask. If Neighbors doesn’t give you better candidates, then don’t help next time. Just like that. One chance to prove themselves. Compare that to the entrenched parties who have failed you time and time again with incidents like this and miserable candidates. We’ve let these DC based clubs run our government for too long now. Let’s try self-government for a change!


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