The Session Ends Along with Some Illusions

“No man’s life, liberty, or property is safe while the legislature is in session” – Mark Twain

The state legislative session has come to an end, although the door has been left open for a call-back until 1 May. Rumors are also buzzing of a special session if Washington ever does anything with Obamacare. If history is any guide the state will do whatever needs to be done to maximize the dollars that the state gets from Washington regardless of the wisdom or sustainability of the underlying program, even if our ruling class has to commit welfare fraud to do it.

The illusion that the GOP was anything like a limited-government party took a real beating this session. They raised a lot of taxes, and tried to limit the FOIA, and made it harder for citizens to get initiatives passed into law, and they even back-tracked some on a gun issue. They tried to meddle with the US Constitution, and even tried to reduce corporate financial loss for killing you and your family.

The Democrats were corrupt to the core and the voters rightly threw them out. But the Republicans are too. So what is to be done? Go back to the Democrats? The Libertarians have about a two-paragraph principle that they try to stretch into an entire political philosophy, so until they get a little nuance I can’t see them as an option. But we need one. In the weeks and months to come, we at Neighbors are going to try to come up with something better. Stay tuned!

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