Why Jan Morgan Supporters Should “Get 10” For Neighbors

Jan Morgan is exploring a Republican Primary run for Governor against incumbent Asa Hutchinson. Neighbors of Arkansas wants to go outside the two-party system and has no intentions of even fielding a candidate for Governor- our focus is on finding honest people to run for legislative branch and local offices. So why should someone who supports Jan Morgan help Neighbors get ballot access by printing off a petition from here, and mailing it into us after getting a few friends to sign it?

As someone who has tried to help outsiders running in the Republican Primary I can tell you why- the same state legislators who went along with Hutchinson on all of the things that Jan Morgan is complaining about are going to jump in the primary race to hep him unless they are deterred from doing so. It won’t be “Jan vs. Asa”. It will be “Jan against Asa and one hundred legislators.” And they have some pull in their districts with Republican voters that’s how they got elected.

The only way you can keep it anything like a fair fight is if you give those sell-outs a reason to stay out of the Governor’s primary race. Frankly most of them are not in the least scared of your cards, letters, and phone calls. They are not afraid that you will vote Democrat and it is likely there will not even be a Democrat in the race anyway. Most of them are in “safe” seats. If they are even afraid of a primary challenge, they will just wait until after the filing period ends and then campaign hard for the Governor and against Jan Morgan. If you have not found them a primary opponent by March first they are free to go “all out for Asa” from then until the primary in late May.

The best way for you to stop those “good ‘ole boys” from piling on Jan Morgan is to take a few hours of one day and help get Neighbors on the ballot by sending in one petition to Neighbors. That will allow us to name candidates for the General Election Ballot. Grassroots candidates who can negate insider money with time and sweat equity (which you cannot do in the compressed primary season). If you tried to challenge them all in the Republican primary, you would have to pay the usual outrageous filing fees that Doyle Webb will want to send to Hutchinson’s campaign coffers anyway.

The very best way you can keep it as fair a fight as possible is to help Neighbors get on the ballot. Only then will the Republican legislators be reluctant to alienate you in the primary because they will need you in the general. Only then can you get the leverage you need to keep them on the sidelines. Don’t let them gang up on here, print off a petition and “Get 10” today!

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